There are 4 ways you can partner with us.

  1. Loyalty Reward Program
  2. Video Monetization
  3. Premium Movie Monetization
  4. Influencers Monetization


Loyalty Reward Program

As a way of saying thank you to our loyal users, we give them the opportunity to earn coins as they browse through our site daily to watch fun, entertaining, informative and educational videos.

They can in turn use the loyalty coins earned to watch paid premium movies for free.


Video Monetization

Through our video monetization program, content creators can monetize their videos from ad revenue share as our loyal users watch their videos.

In case of violation, PrimeCutt may take some or all of the following actions:

  • Disabling ads from your content
  • Suspending your participation in the PrimeCutt video monetization program
  • Suspending or even terminating your PrimeCutt channel.


Premuim Movie Monetization

PrimeCutt pioneered a unique way of watching premium movies for free by creating a system that gives movies lovers who cannot afford to pay to watch premium movies a way to do so for free without ripping movie creators off .

Movie creators gets paid a fixed amount per movie for every users that watches their movie. The movie owner decides the amount users pay per movie.

If you have premium movies that's not available to watch for free anywhere online that you want to monetize, contact us.


Influencers Monetization

We work with influencers across any category to monetize their audience.

If you have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Blog or Facebook account with thousands of followers, you can sign up and share PrimeCutt.

You get paid for every users you refer that signs up to PrimeCutt for free to watch Movies, TV shows and some exclusive any premium videos on PrimeCutt for free.

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